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What is a process to enrol my child to Child Care and Kindergarten?

What is a process to enrol my child to Vacation Care?

What is a process to enrol my child to OSHC?

When will I receive a place?

How long will I be on the Waiting List for ?

What are your fees?

Can I book my child in Vacation Care for a casual place?

How can I access Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rebate?

Can I make a casual booking for before or after school care?

Does my child need to be vaccinated before they begin at Playhouse?

What’s involved at drop off and pick up?

How to set up Storypark account and how much does it cost?


Storypark’s annual fee for one child is $11.88. This amount will be deducted from your Holding fee when you are starting childcare with us.

Signing up by an email invitation

Firstly, parents will need to sign the Storypark agreement form in their enrolment pack.

Then you will receive a Storypark invitation by email.

Click the link in the email and you’ll be taken to a 'Sign up' page where you can enter your name, and choose a password. Please choose a password you will remember but that is difficult for someone else to guess.

Once you click ‘Sign up’ you'll be part of that child’s Storypark learning community.

Logging in

If you already have an account, go to and click the 'Log in' button at the top of the page. Enter the email and password you signed up with and click the ‘Log in’ button. Or you can download the Storypark app for Family and just log in with your signed up email and password.


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