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Our Learning Environment

The environment plays a significant role in the success of an early childhood program. This is why in our new purpose-built centre we’ve combined exciting brand new equipment with familiar resources from our old centre. Our state-of-the-art facility has been designed to enhance each child’s developmental interests. A free-flowing, open environment encourages socialisation, communication, physical skills and open-ended learning. Having stations set up for learning and play that are visited, explored and revisited is hugely beneficial for our little learners.

Our Teaching Philosophy

With a team of expert staff and more than 30 years in operation, our teaching philosophy has evolved into something exceptional. Our curriculum at Playhouse is primarily play-based, as research indicates this builds deep connections in the brain. “It takes over 400 repetitions to create a synapse in the brain (true learning) without playful engagement or about 12 repetitions to create a synapse when you use play to teach.” (Stevie Wilson, The Biology of Play) Play is as essential to our health as sleep and nutrition as it opens our mind to think in new, innovative ways.


We support a love of learning, anchored in free choice, to help your child grow into a thriving, confident and competent learner. We follow the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline when developing our curriculum. We encourage different types of play, and our staff clearly understand how play translates to learning. We take the time to discover how each child learns most effectively. As every child grows in our community, they are nurtured to develop into the best person they can be.

From an early age, we support the development of literacy and numeracy skills, directed by the children themselves. Encouraging children in their attempts to become competent and capable is one of the cornerstones of our teaching philosophy. Our long-term educators help make the communication between rooms seamless so that all staff know your child well. 

Your child’s learning journey is tracked on Storypark. This platform is used to record your child’s learning and you can choose to share these moments with your whole family no matter where they are in the world. 

Our Philosophy in Action

At Playhouse we believe that “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled". We generate knowledge with children as opposed to simply transmitting knowledge, examples of ideas that have ignited our children’s minds in 2020 include:

Philosophy 1.png

“There are yellow things in the middle of flowers that bees take and make honey”



“I know about the planets. Earth, the sun, Pluto, Mercury. Mercury has very, very hot sun.”




"I know about Corona virus this year. The Coronavirus are small you can’t see them”



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